There are many definitions of love. It is subjective; thus, felt and interpreted differently by each one of us. Basically, love is a force of nature. In fact, it is the reason why stunning works of art were made. Let’s take a look at nature, for instance. In a religious point of view, everything was created out of God’s love for us. He even made us in His own image and likeness.

Love can either be good or bad. An example of a positive and wonderful love is that of a parent to his/her child. Their parental instinct to feel protective of their offspring is a result of selfless love. However, love can also be destructive. This happens when it is based on our selfish desires and jealousy.

Love is bigger than what we think it is. We cannot impose when or how we should feel it. Moreover, it is not a measure of our feelings, but of something more powerful. Each one of us can channel this phenomenal force and use it to be liberated from hatred and ill feelings. More so, love can unfetter us from being true to our self. This emotion is not only just a state of mind, but is a foundation of our existence.

There are various ways on how love can be used or expressed. This being said, love is not a thing that you can activate to requite a deed of kindness, nor can be switched off as an act of punishment. It is not love if it is used to beguile or lure someone for something. Nevertheless, it is not true love if it does not come from the heart.

Love knows no boundaries. It is not limited to a person, but can also be channeled to other things. It is said that humans are capable of developing a deep relationship with nature. Sooner or later, we will realize that we have this special trait to love nature, and that nature is not only an environment where we live in. However, not everybody will come to love nature, but everyone has this predisposition to love it.