How To Chain Yourself To a Tree: An Eco-Activist’s Guide

The idea of tree sitting may sound ridiculous and foreign to some especially those who are unfamiliar with its cases. With that being said, the practice has made an impact in helping protect several forest and trees. Activist that wishes to pursue chaining themselves to a tree will need to consider the strength of chains required, need lots of locks so it takes the police hours, if not days, to unchain you which are a great way to protect our wonderful heritage trees here in the United Kingdom!

Tree sitting is known as a form of environmentalist civil disobedience in which a protester sits in a tree, which his usually on a small platform that is built for the purpose of protecting the tree from being cut down in an effort to convince the logger to think twice or change his way. Supporters usually come ready with provisions such as food and other supplies given to the tree sitters.

The act of tree sitting has made its way to the media which has gained quite a following giving birth to new supporters and nature activist all over the world who share the same sentiments and cause. In fact, you will find tree sitting as one of the Top 5 Eco-Activism Events of the Past Decade which is pretty impressive.

Tree sitting however, is not as simple and easy as it looks. For instance, this man named Farmer recounts his experience with Tree sitting to save California wood. He talked about the challenges of living in a tree for three years include both physical and emotional tolls. Even though there were risks involved in tree sitting, people like farmer were able to see the rewards of their hard work.

Some countries have shown the positive effects of tree sitting. In the Upper Florentine for instance, there were plans to log 15 coupes (areas of logging) within a three year period. However, due to the blockade, Forestry Tasmania only managed to fell two and half of those. Out of 10.5 km of proposed roading into the pristine forests, only 2km were ever built. Thousands of people from all walks of life took part in actions to ensure those giant trees remained standing.

You may want to decide to engage and get yourself involve by chaining to a tree. As mentioned earlier, it is important to find sturdy and durable locks that will make it hard for the police to set you free. With that being said, it is important to make sure that their locks are kept in secure and hidden place that is accessible to you. You don’t want to run into some serious incidents such as this one, Tree-Sit Redwood Hit By Chainsaw. The moment they start bringing the chainsaws and start revving them up is the best time for you to fall back and retreat. Your life is too precious to give and even though you lost that encounter there are still plenty of battles that you can engage in.

A locksmith in Sutherland can help you produce quality locks that are built to last. Also, they provide other noteworthy services such as emergency locksmiths which are vital especially when you decide to chain yourself to a tree and lost your key accidentally.