Goddesses & Nymphs of the Forest

There is a great literary tradition focusing on goddesses and nymphs of the forest. Diana the huntress with her bow was the Roman goddess of the moon, hunting and childbirth; which is an interesting collection of responsibilities if you ask me. Near naked nymphs are close to the imagination of many boys and girls. There is an air of innocence and fluttering wings and off the shoulder wear. Forest glades in English woods; green is everywhere and sunlight dapples the surrounding foliage.

One thinks of Elvin royalty ala JRR Tolkien and those hairy footed hobbits. Long locks cascading down exposed shoulders, and breasts glimpsed, as the bow is taken back in preparation for loosing an arrow. Beauty, grace and killing power in the one natural package. Myths and poetry are full of goddesses and nymphs, cavorting shamelessly in woodland settings. It is a return to nature thing, the great god Pan and his legion of nymphs.

Nymphs of course should not be confused with nymphomaniacs who are a little more in tune with nature than most, but sexuality is natural when unhampered by inhibitions. Goddesses like Diana can handle a shaft or two, they are good with their hands and know where to strike for maximum impact. Zeus was always chasing after nymphs in forests and turning them into swans and things. At the core we seek pleasure, orgasms and such experiences. We are sensual creatures with sensitive organs, which respond to the right kind of touch.

Fertility goddesses roam about the forests casting love spells upon innocent subjects and normal people suddenly start behaving strangely; because they are in love. They have fallen in love, note the fallen; and they are now in a new land bereft of rationality. The power of love cannot stand rationality or reason; it operates in a different realm entirely. Fairies and pixies buzz about like birds and bees; and we all know what those birds and bees get up to when no one is looking. Spring is the season of the nymph, when nature sprinkles intoxicants from flowers into the air and these are carried on the wind to bear upon the recipients. Arousal fills the pheromones with purpose; to encourage god’s creatures to procreate, or at least have a good time whilst trying to. Love is in the air, air supply, and short blokes with very high voices; hey what’s that all about?