Do we care enough about mother nature?

Open letter to future Generations

For many years I have looked up at the Joshua Tree not to far from my local spiritual home of cornwall and it has fed me with the desire to see love as the primary vehicle that determines the narrative of what I do with my life.

One of my greatest loves is the Joshua Tree and all the animals of the woods which surround the local natural wonder. It is a place of solitude and restfulness like the Buddha I seek a meditative state of my inner self each time I visit and spend time under the tree.

In recent years this has been enough to for fill my sense of love for mother nature, yet now I am not so sure that I’ve done enough to actually call what I do love. I now feel that rather than loving mother natural all that I have done is enjoyed what the world has to offer. What made me start thinking this way was a conversation that I had only recently with a individual outside of cornwall who explained the going ons of the world.

He mentioned to me that my Volkswagen vehicle which I choose because it is the most environmentally friend car on the market actually wasn’t as good for environment as I originally thought. What was also mentioned was that the emissions that come out of the car were falsified by the car maker. This news shocked me to my bone! How could a car brand that I have always had so much admiration for create such a scandal, due to the vw scandal it has turned me into a less passive individual. I need to take action to safe guard my love of mother nature. Because as mentioned above it is one thing to enjoy nature and another to protect. Protecting reveals the real type of love that counts.

A message to all those that are alive today do you love this earth or are you just enjoy what it give you? Do you think about the future generation to come? What life would you like for them to have when they reach the age that you are today?

If you identify with any of the question posed above take action against business organisations and government who keep doing the wrong thing against the best interests of the the world and its fragile balance. Remember we only have one earth…