Trees and Trysts: A Home for Lovemaking

People have various fetishes and sexual proclivities. May it be because of psychology, the environment or whatnot, we all have different and creative ways on how we get off. There are those who call themselves as ecosexuals. No, they’re not the kind of people who buy eco-friendly sex toys. They are the ones who have… Continue Reading

Arborists Need To Promote Themselves Better

Like all small businesses, often arborists have no business – that’s when they need to put all their spare energies into promoting themselves. What are some creative ways that arborists can promote their businesses? Arborists often come as quite an obscure profession. Not everyone is familiar on what an arborists does which can make it… Continue Reading

Can’t See The Wood For The Trees: An Arborist’s Financial Journey

Career paths available today are diverse and expansive giving countless options for anyone to choose from. Arborists have been receiving their fair share of the spotlight and their services have been quite handy to acquire. Is there a living to be made in the modern world as an arborist? What are the skills required, what… Continue Reading

Do we care enough about mother nature?

Open letter to future Generations For many years I have looked up at the Joshua Tree not to far from my local spiritual home of cornwall and it has fed me with the desire to see love as the primary vehicle that determines the narrative of what I do with my life. One of my… Continue Reading

Goddesses & Nymphs of the Forest

There is a great literary tradition focusing on goddesses and nymphs of the forest. Diana the huntress with her bow was the Roman goddess of the moon, hunting and childbirth; which is an interesting collection of responsibilities if you ask me. Near naked nymphs are close to the imagination of many boys and girls. There… Continue Reading

Fertility Cycles of the Forest

The United Kingdom has, just under, thirteen percent of its land surface covered with woods. The trees of Britain are famous throughout the world. Their names are known and they have featured in the great literature of the English language. The Ash, the many Oaks, the Beech, the Elm and Yew are just some of… Continue Reading

What Can We Learn From The Shapes of Trees?

When thinking about the human skeleton what can we learn from the shapes of trees? Do they have something to offer us bipeds in terms of structural durability? Trees are beautiful things as majestic as a beautiful women who does regular personal training, there is no denying that. There sweeping foliage held up by bole… Continue Reading

How To Chain Yourself To a Tree: An Eco-Activist’s Guide

The idea of tree sitting may sound ridiculous and foreign to some especially those who are unfamiliar with its cases. With that being said, the practice has made an impact in helping protect several forest and trees. Activist that wishes to pursue chaining themselves to a tree will need to consider the strength of chains… Continue Reading

Trashing Our Forests: Who Will Clean Up The Mess?

People dumping their rubbish into woodlands, forests and streams, continues to be a terrible side-effect of human selfishness. This is quite apparent with number of people who don’t seem to care much about their waste throwing them with little to no preservation in mind. The government can help educate the community on how waste should… Continue Reading