Arborists & Compliance With Government Legislation

Arborists play a vital role in keeping trees regulated and well maintained. This is important especially with buildings that have views that are being obstructed by trees. If left unattended, these trees may end up damaging establishments that they are near with. As such, a number of property owners seek the services of professional arborists to help them with their woes. With that being said, there are some factors that both clients and arborist need to consider and that is the compliance with government legislation.

Can an arborist cut down or even modify any old tree they like? Of course not. Trees are an essential component of the British landscape. Many of them are historical, and they are also intrinsic to the environment they inhabit. Indeed, when people think environment they mostly immediately think of trees. Therefore arborists must always comply with government legislations, as well as with town council rules and regulations. It is important to have commitment to compliance in check in order to avoid having problems with the authorities in the future. Trees are not something you can easily restore once you have done the means of cutting them. This is why you need to do a little research in advance to learn more about the tree that you intend on cutting.

Britain is filled to the brim with a huge variety of ancient and historical trees that are situated in different areas of the country. There is the The Tolpuddle Martyrs Tree which is one of the famous trees of Britain, the The Ancient Hornbeam of Hainault, The Llangernyw Yew, The Meavy Oak, Taplow House Hotel Tulip Tree and many more. You can also find Britain’s oldest trees which are considered as national treasures that were able to stand the test of time.

For arborists and property owners who may wish to cut a tree down or trim them down, it is advised that they go check online websites such as The Tree Register first beforehand to learn more about the tree that they are planning to remove. The Tree Register is a Registered Charity with a unique database of over 200,000 of most notable Trees in Britain and Ireland. They encourage others to help support and join their cause by registering to their website. This in turn gives arborists and property owners a clear overview on what trees can be removed or trimmed and what not.

It is good to hear that the government is taking the necessary steps and action in order to help preserve a huge number of historical trees. It is important that the preserve these ancient trees as they can be our keepsake or a living legacy that we can share to our future generations. Trees may not be able to speak their minds but their size, shape and color says a lot to the people that are watching them.

If you ever decide to acquire the services of a professional arborist, make sure to work hand in hand with them in confirming the status of the tree you are planning on removing. Online resources material is available over the website making it relatively easy to find the information that you need about a particular tree. Make sure to comply with government legislation compliance with the actions that you are planning on taking with trees in your community.