Wooden Kitchens: Making Homeliness Out Of Nature

May 12th, 2017

The kitchen space embodies the essence of any home, may it be the traditional kind or not. It serves as the typical “meeting place” of family members where they converge for special functions or during normal occurrences, like breakfast and dinner. Many of us probably have happy memories in this part of our house that happened when we were kids. Over the years, decorating this distinctive area of the house had become easier than ever. What’s more is that the advancements in kitchen appliances are facilitating our daily foray into the culinary world. These improvements also allowed the old designs to meet the newest trends. For instance, contemporary and stylish wooden kitchens that are every nature-lovers’ dream kitchens.

Wooden Kitchens: Making Homeliness Out Of Nature

Many have predicted that natural materials would dominate the kitchen trends this year. The versatility and toughness of wood enable kitchen designers to craft wooden kitchens and ornaments by hand. Wooden materials also go well with almost every part of the house. In addition, there is a sundry of wood elements that designers and homeowners can choose from. Some of these are pine, mahogany, cherry and oak.

In making homeliness out of nature through wooden kitchens, there are three features to take into consideration. These are the flooring, the worktops and the cabinets. To create imposing wooden kitchens, there should be a balance and blending among these elements.

Why Wooden Kitchens?

Stainless steel and glass materials prevail today’s kitchen designs. However, wooden kitchens emanate a natural warmth and homeliness, while the hardwood finish gives a welcoming contrast. The wood itself evinces distinguishing attributes that further its beauty. In time, the classic look of wooden kitchens changes, but in a good way with some changes due to light exposure and ageing.

Basically, wooden kitchens are strongly identified with the conventional design. If you prefer your kitchen to look that way, there’s no need for your kitchen to undergo a drastic transformation. But if you opt to get your kitchen out of that typecast, you can do so in various ways and means.

There are many sides to wooden kitchens. Aside from adaptability, these kitchens are made from renewable resources, flexible and easy to fashion.

Trees and Trysts: A Home for Lovemaking

October 11th, 2016

People have various fetishes and sexual proclivities. May it be because of psychology, the environment or whatnot, we all have different and creative ways on how we get off.

There are those who call themselves as ecosexuals. No, they’re not the kind of people who buy eco-friendly sex toys. They are the ones who have liaisons and get off with trees and plants. You can find in Craiglists a lot of ecosexuals who want others to videotape them while doing “it.”

Our Sexual Behaviors

As strange as it may be, we have varying sexual behaviors towards someone or something. For instance, having sex outdoors is a sexual fantasy to some of us. The primary reason is that we love the thrill and risks, which make sex more fulfilling and satisfying.

One of the most common type of public sex is doing it in the forest or glades. In fact, there are websites and articles that instruct couples on how to have amazing sex in the woods. This type of sexual proclivity is not that new. The Puritan Era in the United States during the 16th to 18th centuries illustrated how everyone loves to do it whenever and wherever they can. Having sex under a tree or in the forests was the norm back then.

If you are familiar with the TV series Vikings and Outlander, most of the sex scenes are depicted on the field, in forests and even under the shade of trees. Maybe privacy wasn’t an issue before.

Fast forward to the 21st century, there are still some people who find this risky behavior somewhat fulfilling. The Mirror reported that a randy couple were caught on cam having trysts in the New Forest. The footage went viral, as it was first believed that the couple were fighting. But as the video continues, you will hear lots of moaning and thumping.

Prominent figures do partake in forest sex, too. In Austria, a politician was photographed having sex in a wildlife-protected forest. But because there were no signs that the area is under surveillance, the politician is set to receive £16,000 in compensatory damages.

In Ireland, residents and tourists are caught humping in Phoenix Park in broad daylight. People, mostly gay men, flock in the area looking for other gay men who would want to join their sexual shenanigans. While in London, around 6,000 trees were cut down as a response to a growing number of sightings of sexual romps in the outskirts of Darwen.

There’s a myth that trains make people do crazy things. Maybe trees and glades have the same effect in humans.


Arborists & Compliance With Government Legislation

February 22nd, 2016

Arborists play a vital role in keeping trees regulated and well maintained. This is important especially with buildings that have views that are being obstructed by trees. If left unattended, these trees may end up damaging establishments that they are near with. As such, a number of property owners seek the services of professional arborists to help them with their woes. With that being said, there are some factors that both clients and arborist need to consider and that is the compliance with government legislation.

Can an arborist cut down or even modify any old tree they like? Of course not. Trees are an essential component of the British landscape. Many of them are historical, and they are also intrinsic to the environment they inhabit. Indeed, when people think environment they mostly immediately think of trees. Therefore arborists must always comply with government legislations, as well as with town council rules and regulations. It is important to have commitment to compliance in check in order to avoid having problems with the authorities in the future. Trees are not something you can easily restore once you have done the means of cutting them. This is why you need to do a little research in advance to learn more about the tree that you intend on cutting.

Britain is filled to the brim with a huge variety of ancient and historical trees that are situated in different areas of the country. There is the The Tolpuddle Martyrs Tree which is one of the famous trees of Britain, the The Ancient Hornbeam of Hainault, The Llangernyw Yew, The Meavy Oak, Taplow House Hotel Tulip Tree and many more. You can also find Britain’s oldest trees which are considered as national treasures that were able to stand the test of time.

For arborists and property owners who may wish to cut a tree down or trim them down, it is advised that they go check online websites such as The Tree Register first beforehand to learn more about the tree that they are planning to remove. The Tree Register is a Registered Charity with a unique database of over 200,000 of most notable Trees in Britain and Ireland. They encourage others to help support and join their cause by registering to their website. This in turn gives arborists and property owners a clear overview on what trees can be removed or trimmed and what not.

It is good to hear that the government is taking the necessary steps and action in order to help preserve a huge number of historical trees. It is important that the preserve these ancient trees as they can be our keepsake or a living legacy that we can share to our future generations. Trees may not be able to speak their minds but their size, shape and color says a lot to the people that are watching them.

If you ever decide to acquire the services of a professional arborist, make sure to work hand in hand with them in confirming the status of the tree you are planning on removing. Online resources material is available over the website making it relatively easy to find the information that you need about a particular tree. Make sure to comply with government legislation compliance with the actions that you are planning on taking with trees in your community.

Arborists Need To Promote Themselves Better

January 22nd, 2016

Like all small businesses, often arborists have no business – that’s when they need to put all their spare energies into promoting themselves. What are some creative ways that arborists can promote their businesses?

Arborists often come as quite an obscure profession. Not everyone is familiar on what an arborists does which can make it problematic for them to find clients. Basically, the profession includes the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants. They are often employed by individuals who wish to care for trees. This includes activities such as pruning or removing trees, especially the large ones which can be considered dangerous work. As such, it can be quite hard to introduce someone to the work of an arborist.

Promotional agencies are able to recruit and supply the best promo staff within the field, and offer their clients outstanding service to make them relatively popular to their intended audience. With that being said, not everyone has the pleasantry to hire a professional promo staff and setup live events. For arborists that are considered to be a small business, it can be a bit of a struggle to go with this option. It is good to hear however, that arborists have a very good alternative found with promotional products this include items such as key rings, stress balls, badges, lanyards, note pads etc. That is available and can be given on a regular basis.

Executive gifts  such as travel card holder, conference folder, business card holder, leather iPad case, mini flashlight and the likes are also a great option to consider as you will not be finding any shortage of such items when you look them up in several stores today. Promotional gifts are considered to be vast and expansive having a very broad range and reach. As such, you will be able to find torches like LED light torch, silicone bike lights, LED key torch, projector torch etc. as well as fridge magnets that are suitable items you can share to your intended audience. This will help pique the interest of your potential clients as they will be keen to know more about what an arborist is and what type of services that they provide.

People who wish to make use of promotional gifts however, are advised to practice moderation with the items that they are sharing. For instance, there was a police commissioner who spent a great deal of money on promotional items to “encourage participation” from members of the public. However it backfired when he was criticized for spending more than £7,000 on promotional materials that include lip balms, magnets and sweets.

This is why it is important to practice a good measure of balance when planning on sharing such items. Arborists are considered to be small businesses hence; one should not go extravagant with promotional items. With enough time and effort in sharing these gifts, customer interest will increase which in turn will help boost the overall popularity of arborists today.

Can’t See The Wood For The Trees: An Arborist’s Financial Journey

January 11th, 2016

Career paths available today are diverse and expansive giving countless options for anyone to choose from. Arborists have been receiving their fair share of the spotlight and their services have been quite handy to acquire. Is there a living to be made in the modern world as an arborist? What are the skills required, what can you earn from jobs? Do you need start up finance for tools and equipment?

A professional in the practice of arboriculture is known as an arborist who is involved in the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants. Rather than managing forests or harvesting wood or harvesting wood, Arborists mostly focus their attention on the health and safety of individual plants and trees. As such, their range of work is rather distinct from that of either a forester or a logger, although they share a lot in common.

BLS reports that certified arborists  who are working for the federal government earned the most salary, averaging $53,510 a year. On the other hand, $41,770 a year is made by arborists working for local governments and $41,200 a year for state governments.  The average pay was $31,740 a year and most jobs are with grounds services for buildings and dwellings. Arborists can also expect an employment growth of 18 percent through 2020 as there is constant need to trim branches to prevent localized power outages with tree limbs growing and getting in the way of power lines. As such, a career as an arborist proves to be very promising to a huge number of individuals.

It should be noted however, that just like any other job, there are also Pros and Cons of becoming an arborist. Advantages include good job opportunities, especially in areas with temperate climates, minimal education requirements in some cases as well as on-the-job training is often provided. On the other hand, one of its disadvantages is that it is quite a physically demanding job. This in turn, creates a high rate of work-related illnesses and injuries. Furthermore, hearing damage is possible if safety gear isn’t worn. This is the reason why it is very important for an individual to secure a variety of arborist tools to keep their work safe. This includes pope wrench, harness, chainsaw, and helmet, safety glasses, hearing protection, chainsaw protective chaps and the likes. These tools don’t come cheap and investment is required to be able to acquire all of them. This is where quick loans become very handy as it is able to provide arborists with the resources that they need.

Aside from tools, there are also required skills for arborists that they need to posses to complete their job with little to no problem. This include an interest in arboriculture and horticulture, strong practical and logical ability good planning, organisation and communication skills, being comfortable with working at heights, the ability to work as part of a team as well as a methodical approach to their work.

Arborists are also varied and have different categories. Arborist certification and credentials include jobs from different respective fields each with their own specialty such as Arborist Utility Specialist, Arborist Municipal Specialist, Tree Worker Climber Specialist, Tree Worker Aerial Lift Specialist and Master Arborist. Consider a career as an Arborist today!

Do we care enough about mother nature?

December 8th, 2015

Open letter to future Generations

For many years I have looked up at the Joshua Tree not to far from my local spiritual home of cornwall and it has fed me with the desire to see love as the primary vehicle that determines the narrative of what I do with my life.

One of my greatest loves is the Joshua Tree and all the animals of the woods which surround the local natural wonder. It is a place of solitude and restfulness like the Buddha I seek a meditative state of my inner self each time I visit and spend time under the tree.

In recent years this has been enough to for fill my sense of love for mother nature, yet now I am not so sure that I’ve done enough to actually call what I do love. I now feel that rather than loving mother natural all that I have done is enjoyed what the world has to offer. What made me start thinking this way was a conversation that I had only recently with a individual outside of cornwall who explained the going ons of the world.

He mentioned to me that my Volkswagen vehicle which I choose because it is the most environmentally friend car on the market actually wasn’t as good for environment as I originally thought. What was also mentioned was that the emissions that come out of the car were falsified by the car maker. This news shocked me to my bone! How could a car brand that I have always had so much admiration for create such a scandal, due to the vw scandal it has turned me into a less passive individual. I need to take action to safe guard my love of mother nature. Because as mentioned above it is one thing to enjoy nature and another to protect. Protecting reveals the real type of love that counts.

A message to all those that are alive today do you love this earth or are you just enjoy what it give you? Do you think about the future generation to come? What life would you like for them to have when they reach the age that you are today?

If you identify with any of the question posed above take action against business organisations and government who keep doing the wrong thing against the best interests of the the world and its fragile balance. Remember we only have one earth…



Goddesses & Nymphs of the Forest

November 23rd, 2015

There is a great literary tradition focusing on goddesses and nymphs of the forest. Diana the huntress with her bow was the Roman goddess of the moon, hunting and childbirth; which is an interesting collection of responsibilities if you ask me. Near naked nymphs are close to the imagination of many boys and girls. There is an air of innocence and fluttering wings and off the shoulder wear. Forest glades in English woods; green is everywhere and sunlight dapples the surrounding foliage.

One thinks of Elvin royalty ala JRR Tolkien and those hairy footed hobbits. Long locks cascading down exposed shoulders, and breasts glimpsed, as the bow is taken back in preparation for loosing an arrow. Beauty, grace and killing power in the one natural package. Myths and poetry are full of goddesses and nymphs, cavorting shamelessly in woodland settings. It is a return to nature thing, the great god Pan and his legion of nymphs.

Nymphs of course should not be confused with nymphomaniacs who are a little more in tune with nature than most, but sexuality is natural when unhampered by inhibitions. Goddesses like Diana can handle a shaft or two, they are good with their hands and know where to strike for maximum impact. Zeus was always chasing after nymphs in forests and turning them into swans and things. At the core we seek pleasure, orgasms and such experiences. We are sensual creatures with sensitive organs, which respond to the right kind of touch.

Fertility goddesses roam about the forests casting love spells upon innocent subjects and normal people suddenly start behaving strangely; because they are in love. They have fallen in love, note the fallen; and they are now in a new land bereft of rationality. The power of love cannot stand rationality or reason; it operates in a different realm entirely. Fairies and pixies buzz about like birds and bees; and we all know what those birds and bees get up to when no one is looking. Spring is the season of the nymph, when nature sprinkles intoxicants from flowers into the air and these are carried on the wind to bear upon the recipients. Arousal fills the pheromones with purpose; to encourage god’s creatures to procreate, or at least have a good time whilst trying to. Love is in the air, air supply, and short blokes with very high voices; hey what’s that all about?

Fertility Cycles of the Forest

November 19th, 2015

The United Kingdom has, just under, thirteen percent of its land surface covered with woods. The trees of Britain are famous throughout the world. Their names are known and they have featured in the great literature of the English language. The Ash, the many Oaks, the Beech, the Elm and Yew are just some of the names of trees preserved forever in posterity by the poets and writers of the last two millennias. Mighty trees and magical forests are part of the folklore of the British Isles; J. R. R. Tolkien even included ancient trees that walked the planet in his massively influential Lord of the Rings.

The fertility cycles of the forest are seasonal, of course, and here in the northern hemisphere, spring is when buds reappear on the trees and blossom. Summer follows and this is the fruiting and harvesting season; the days of summer wine. This is followed by autumn and the trees begin to colour and lose their leaves, before winter and the cold sees skeletal trees bare of foliage and dipped in snow. Everything slows down during the winter frosts and nature goes into stasis; asleep until spring’s warmth begins to thaw things out and the cycle of the forest is repeated again.

The ancient Greeks told the story of Persephone, Demeter’s daughter, being lured by Hades into the underworld to describe what happens when autumn gives way to spring. And, because she consumes some Pomegranate seeds, Persephone is condemned to spend a third of the year underground; the winter months when nothing will grow. Fertility was extremely important to agrarian communities from yesteryear and understanding the life cycles of plants was vital to their survival. The ancient world would reap and sow in the warmer seasons and store away enough food for their animals and themselves to, hopefully, last out the winter months.

We have lost touch with the seasons, somewhat, in modern times; as we have supermarkets chock full of produce all year round. Our providores source food from around the globe to keep us in victuals twenty four seven. Not having to worry about going hungry is a wonderful thing, but losing contact with the cycles of the earth is not a healthy thing for human beings. Spending some time in a forest contemplating how things grow can be a profound source of healing for a damaged soul in the twenty first century. The fecundity of nature is a beautiful thing to behold.


What Can We Learn From The Shapes of Trees?

November 19th, 2015

When thinking about the human skeleton what can we learn from the shapes of trees? Do they have something to offer us bipeds in terms of structural durability? Trees are beautiful things as majestic as a beautiful women who does regular personal training, there is no denying that. There sweeping foliage held up by bole and branches, and a root system spreading deeply beneath it underground. Trees are multilevel entities existing in earth and sky; they reach up and down simultaneously. You can discover a tree’s age by the rings beneath its bark. Trees are majestic sentinels marking the ground with their presence.

But, what about structural integrity? Do trees have something to offer us in this regard? The Jewish mystical system of Kabala highlights the connection between the human skeleton slip and fall and the tree of life. Sacred geometry they call it and this had its origins with the ancient Greek scholar Pythagoras; magical numbers and perfect shapes. Our bones and how they are arrayed within the human body, and the precise number of bones in each section of the skeletal system. The mystical parallel with trees being rooted in the ground but reaching up to the heavens, and the human body being held to the Earth by gravity but aspiring to the cosmos through the soul.

Biomechanics applies Newtonian physics to biological organisms; this covers both human movement and trees. Trees exhibit fractal branching geometry, as they have developed their growth patterns in response to their sensing of the wind; which is why they do not fall over in high winds. Trees are alive to the weather they experience and grow according to those conditions. Branches get thicker or thinner depending where they are located on the tree and in response to their environment. Human bones have a similar response to their environment.

FAQs about osteopathy concern modelling and remodelling in relation to osteopenia and osteoporosis. Modeling is how the human body sets its bone shapes and modifies it somewhat through bone spurs etc. Remodeling is how the human body maintains its bone shapes. Human bones are programmed to grow when we are young, but that growth is affected by diet and environment.

Podiatry is the study and medical care of feet, ankles and lower legs; and this is another area which can correlate with trees in terms of branch structures. The bones within the feet are part of our skeletal system and are equally affected by biomechanics and environmental stresses. Trees have a lot to show us from our tops to our toes.

How To Chain Yourself To a Tree: An Eco-Activist’s Guide

November 15th, 2015

The idea of tree sitting may sound ridiculous and foreign to some especially those who are unfamiliar with its cases. With that being said, the practice has made an impact in helping protect several forest and trees. Activist that wishes to pursue chaining themselves to a tree will need to consider the strength of chains required, need lots of locks so it takes the police hours, if not days, to unchain you which are a great way to protect our wonderful heritage trees here in the United Kingdom!

Tree sitting is known as a form of environmentalist civil disobedience in which a protester sits in a tree, which his usually on a small platform that is built for the purpose of protecting the tree from being cut down in an effort to convince the logger to think twice or change his way. Supporters usually come ready with provisions such as food and other supplies given to the tree sitters.

The act of tree sitting has made its way to the media which has gained quite a following giving birth to new supporters and nature activist all over the world who share the same sentiments and cause. In fact, you will find tree sitting as one of the Top 5 Eco-Activism Events of the Past Decade which is pretty impressive.

Tree sitting however, is not as simple and easy as it looks. For instance, this man named Farmer recounts his experience with Tree sitting to save California wood. He talked about the challenges of living in a tree for three years include both physical and emotional tolls. Even though there were risks involved in tree sitting, people like farmer were able to see the rewards of their hard work.

Some countries have shown the positive effects of tree sitting. In the Upper Florentine for instance, there were plans to log 15 coupes (areas of logging) within a three year period. However, due to the blockade, Forestry Tasmania only managed to fell two and half of those. Out of 10.5 km of proposed roading into the pristine forests, only 2km were ever built. Thousands of people from all walks of life took part in actions to ensure those giant trees remained standing.

You may want to decide to engage and get yourself involve by chaining to a tree. As mentioned earlier, it is important to find sturdy and durable locks that will make it hard for the police to set you free. With that being said, it is important to make sure that their locks are kept in secure and hidden place that is accessible to you. You don’t want to run into some serious incidents such as this one, Tree-Sit Redwood Hit By Chainsaw. The moment they start bringing the chainsaws and start revving them up is the best time for you to fall back and retreat. Your life is too precious to give and even though you lost that encounter there are still plenty of battles that you can engage in.

A locksmith in Sutherland can help you produce quality locks that are built to last. Also, they provide other noteworthy services such as emergency locksmiths which are vital especially when you decide to chain yourself to a tree and lost your key accidentally.